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Privacy laws affecting individuals in the Province of Ontario became effective January 1, 2004. This legislation sets out ground rules for how private sector organizations may collect, use or disclose personal information in the course of commercial activities.

The Georgetown Soccer Club (GSC) is a non-profit corporation that was incorporated to serve as a sport organization. We perform administrative services, provide soccer activities, conduct discipline hearings, and enforce our Constitution and Policies and Procedures and the Published Rules and Policies and Procedures of the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) within the Georgetown area.

We respect your right to personal privacy. When we collect your personal information you can be confident that we will handle and store it in a safe secure manner to protect information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

This notice describes our PRIVACY CODE practices.

By registering as a player or volunteer and by providing us with personal information concerning your name, address, phone number, age, gender as the case may be, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Code. These terms and conditions are subject to change so you should request an updated version from time to time.

Personal information is required for players, coaches, volunteers and referees (as the case may be) and is obtained on the appropriate OSA Registration Forms or Forms that we may require members to complete from time to time for various administrative purposes. This information is used by GSC to register players, coaches, managers, and administrators, to complete player and coach registration books, release or de-register players or grant permission to play in leagues governed by the PHSA or the OSA. Information is also provided to the OSA for registration purposes and insurance coverage.

We do not share, give, rent, or sell client information to any organization or individual except to comply with laws, or regulations of a governmental or regulatory body; or to respond to a valid subpoena, warrant, or order; or to protect the rights of the GSC or others. All personal information collected by us will be maintained in a private, confidential and secure manner and will only be used for the purposes described herein.


GSC’s Secretary shall serve as Privacy Officer as required by the privacy legislation with Policies and Procedures in place for the management of personal information. Each Director and staff member annually signs a Non Disclosure Agreement whereby they personally agree to maintain strict confidentiality of all GSC business and information.

Why do we collect Personal Information?

We require personal information for the following purposes:

1) for OSA, PHSA and GSC insurance purposes;
2) for registering players with the OSA as recreational or competitive players;
3) for registering administrators, coaches and managers with the OSA;
4) for registering teams with the OSA and OSA approved and sanctioned leagues;
5) for monitoring player registration to team rosters;
6) for conducting disciplinary hearings, issuing fines,
7) for ensuring compliance by administrators, staff, coaches, managers, players, and supporters of the Published Rules of the PHSA, the OSA, the CSA and FIFA in ascending priority;
8) for validating participation in committee meetings, special meetings and annual general meetings.

Who has access to this personal information?

For these purposes, personal information may be made available to the following

(a) GSC administrators, staff and Directors,

(b) the OSA’s insurer and insurance broker and their staff and representatives,

(c) league administrators and facility managers, both internal and external,

(d) administrators, staff and representatives of PHSA and OSA sanctioned leagues.

Personal Information is only disclosed to these individuals, to deliver services or programs and perform discipline, appeals or conduct governance duties as required by the published rules of the PHSA, the OSA, CSA, Concacaf or FIFA in ascending order of priority.

GSC requires disclosure of player names, addresses, proof of birth, and soccer history. Parents/ legal guardian information is requested if a player is under 18 years of age, or player information if over 18 years of age including address, home phone, work phone, emergency phone number, and e-mail.

GSC requires disclosure of names, addresses and contact information of all registered administrators, coaches, managers, membership staff and referees, as the case may be.

Record Keeping

Files are maintained on any information you have provided to us, employment applications, enquiries, complaints, compliments, insurance or other  correspondence made by you and our response if. Discipline files are maintained separately from other records and are treated as private and confidential information that is maintained securely.

The OSA requires all Membership, administrator, player, coach, manager, team staff, and volunteer registration files be maintained for seven years. Individuals wishing more information about GSC’s Privacy Policy, access to their personal information, or wish to raise a concern about the use of their personal information please contact the Secretary at the GSC address, telephone number.

For more information about your personal privacy rights contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at www.privcom.gc.ca or 1-800-282-1376.