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2019 Outdoor House League Program

PLAYING NIGHTS - Please scroll down to bottom of page for confirmed playing nights. 

Refunds - Important:  Please note that refunds (less a $25.00 admin fee) are granted upon written request, ie, email, up to May 10 only.  After May 10, refunds will only be issued if a replacement player can be registered from the wait list and once the full uniform has been returned to the GSC office.  There are no refunds after May 17.    

Early Bird Registration

Early bird registration for the 2019 outdoor house league season will open up on Monday, January 28, and be available up to and including February 10.  Register your child during this time to save $25 per player!  You will be able to register after this date, however, fees will increase on February 11 and your child may end up on a wait list!

Wait Lists

Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you go to register your child and the online system indicates that your child's age group is full, please complete the online process to get your child onto the wait list.  If your child is wait-listed, payment is not due until a spot becomes available.  Wait lists are reviewed every few days and you will be contacted by E-mail if a spot becomes available for your child.

New Players:  If you have not already done so, please take a moment to set up a family account by clicking on the REGISTER HERE! button on the home page to be taken to our online registration system.  Once you have registered your child, please forward proof of age to the GSC office by scanning a copy of your child’s health card, birth certificate or passport.  Without this verification, registration is considered incomplete and your child will not be eligible to participate in the program.

The season begins with our Opening Day on May 25 (weekend after the long weekend) – all teams will play an exhibition game on this date and then have their individual and team photos taken.  The season begins the week of May 27 and consists of one game a week for 13 weeks.  On Closing Day, September 7, all U5-U12 teams will end the season with an exhibition game and all players will receive their congratulatory trophy.  U14-U18 teams that advance in the playoffs will play their final game on this date and will also receive their trophies.

What:      U5-U18 House League Soccer

Who:       Players born in 2001 to 2014

When:     TBD

Where:    Georgetown fields

Early Bird Fees:  U5-U8 - $195.00, U9-U14 - $215.00, U15-U18 - $230.00

Regular Fees:  U5-U8 - $220.00, U9-U14 - $240, U15-U18 - $255.00 

WANT TO COACH?  If you are interested in coaching for the 2019 outdoor house league season, please register to coach by logging into your online account.  Once you have logged in, please see the "Volunteer" heading on the left-hand side of the screen and click "Apply Now."  Click on the 2019 Outdoor Season icon on the right-hand side of the page to complete the necessary information.  Your application will then be pending until you have been assigned a team sometime in April.  Coaches are assigned teams on a first-come, first-served basis.

NEW IN COACHING FOR 2019:  For 2019, all coaches coaching a U13 or older team will be required, by Ontario Soccer, to complete the online Respect in Soccer course.  The cost of the course is $30 which will be covered by the Georgetown Soccer Club.  More details will be posted here as they become available.

Player Requests:  The Georgetown Soccer Club does not accept requests for the outdoor season, however, players will automatically be assigned to the team their parent is coaching, if applicable.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Players are not permitted to wear jewelry during any house league games!  Therefore, all earrings, etc, must be removed before game start.


Payments: Please note that the GSC does not accept cash.  Payment is made through our online registration system by credit card or by selecting the "Office Payment" option to pay by cheque or money order.  Cheques and money orders can be dropped off at the GSC office any time as there is a drop box on the front doorstep. 


2019 Outdoor House League

Confirmed Playing Nights


Please note that the playing nights and practice nights for the 2019 outdoor season which are listed below are now confirmed.


GU5 (born in 2014) - Thursday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

GU6 (born in 2013) - Wednesday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

GU7 (born in 2012) - Monday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

GU8 (born in 2011) - Wednesday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

GU10 (born in 2009/10) - Thursday (practices on the same night) - game starts TBD

GU12 (born in 2007/08) - Tuesday (practice night TBD) - game starts TBD

GU14 (born in 2005/06) - Thursday (practice night TBD) - game starts TBD

GU18 (born in 2001/02/03/04) - Tuesday (practice night TBD) - game starts TBD



BU5 (born in 2014) - Tuesday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

BU6 (born in 2013) - Thursday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

BU7 (born in 2012) - Tuesday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

BU8 (born in 2011) - Thursday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

BU10 (born in 2009/10) - Monday (practices run on the same night) - game starts TBD

BU12 (born in 2007/08) - Monday (practice night TBD) - game starts TBD

BU14 (born in 2005/06) - Wednesday (practice night TBD) - game starts TBD

BU17 (born in 2002/03/04) - Monday (practice night TBD) - game starts TBD