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No More Second-Hand Smoke for the GSC

Georgetown, February 28, 2011

Georgetown Soccer Club (GSC) players, coaches and spectators will no longer have second-hand smoke at their practices, games, tournaments, competitions, sponsored events and other performances sanctioned by the GSC as they will all be tobacco free.  Tobacco free means no smoking, snuffing, dipping or chewing tobacco by players/participants, coaches, parents, spectators and officials.  Coaches, players and officials have been prohibited from using tobacco at events for a number of years but now that extends to spectators as well.
The Board of Directors of the GSC recognize that there is ample research demonstrating the health hazards of the use of tobacco products, including smoking and breathing of second-hand smoke.  "We believe that soccer is a healthy sport and as such have a responsibility to the players and participants in this sport to demonstrate healthy choices," says Alice Strachan, President of the GSC.  "We stress to leasers, instructors, coaches, officials, parents, spectators and all others involved, the importance of maintaining a tobacco-free environment while working with young people."